Malala Yousafzai quoted that “With guns we can kill terrorists but with education we can kill terrorism”.

Terrorism is a biggest threat to humanity as well as world. It has become a major issue of all countries. Terrorism intent to create fear on people and thereby achieve their objectives. The impact of terrorism is enormous. It leads to loss of thousands of innocent people and also destruction of infrastructure, properties and also it creates a background of fear and fright.

One of the major terrorist attack occurred on world was the attack on World Trade Centre and Pentagon building and it was occurred on September 11, 2001 and this was considered as the biggest terrorist attack in the World.

Terrorist Attack on World Trade Centre and Pentagon building

September 11,2001 the day which changed thousands of lives in America and it was the deadliest attack occurred in the World history. It was a suicidal terrorist attack by Islamic terrorists group called al-Queda. Nineteen terrorists skyjacked four passenger airplanes of United States,in which two planes hit the World Trade Centre and third one hit the Pentagon building and fourth one crashed in the field of Pennsylvania. This incident took the lives of almost three thousand people and also injured nearly six thousand people in United States. After this terrorist attack, United States taken several measures to fight against terrorism.

World Trade Centre Attack

    The terrorists attacked the north tower of World Trade Centre on September 11, Tuesday morning with an American Airline Boeing 767 and it leads to the collapse of north tower and suddenly killed hundreds of people.

After a while second plane ie, United Airlines Flight 175 hit the south tower of World Trade Centre and this leads to the collapse of giant twin towers and created a tremendous fulmination in the surroundings.

Pentagon Building Attack

       After attacking the twin tower their next target was Pentagon building,which is the Department of Defense headquarters of the United Nation. They hit building with American Airlines Flight 77 and it lead to the collapse of the portion of building and also several military personnels and ordinary citizens were killed along with the passenger.

The next plan of terrorists was to attack Capital Hill which was the seat of US government in Washington DC. But it failed due to the boldness of the passengers inside the plane. Due to the delay to  take off, passagers known about the incident occurred in New York so they fought with skyjackers and plane crashed to a field in Pennsylvania. All passengers inside the plane lost their lives. The act of passengers were appreciable because they sacrifice their lives to save their nation from another big loss.


The terrorists were members of the Islamic group al-Queda and they were from Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries and it was led by Osama bin Laden. The attack was a revenge against America for supporting Israel in Persian Gulf War and the involvement of American militants in Middle East.

The attackers were well planned for attack and some of them were living in United States and studied to handle planes and flying lessons. Some of the them arrived in earlier months and they pre-planned their operation. All of them entered in four morning planes and after the take off they hijacked it.      

  The attack has taken nearly three thousand lives and many of them were injured very badly. It also badly affected the economy of America. The main loss were occurred in finance and air transportation and the collapse of giant twin tower leads to damage of other building close to the twin tower and cleaning the debris was the difficult one.

George W. Bush was the American President at that time and after the attack he addressed on television and declared that terrorist can attack the foundation of our biggest building but they cannot touch foundation of America.

After this incident America has taken several measures to fight against terrorism and they ousted taliban regime from Afghanistan and also shattered the terrorist nexus of Osama bin Laden. The United States forces killed Osama bin Laden who was the main brain behind the attack on May 2nd, 2011.

Department of Homeland Security

 Due to the fear aroused by the attack, a Department of Homeland Security was created and it came into force on November 25,2005. Now this department is acting as a cabinet and in charge of restraining the activities of terror attacks and issues relating to border security, customs and disaster reliefs etc.

A Commission was also appointed for investigating the attack and released report on July 22,2004.They came to a conclusion that Khalid Sheik Mohammad was main brain behind this attack.He was arrested by Central Intelligence Agency on March 1, 2003 and United States military court Judge on August 2019 set a trial date for them and it will start in 2021.

A victim compensation fund was also created for the victim who suffered from the attack. The fumes came after collapse of the buildings created huge health problems to people and some are also diagnosed with cancer.

Compensation is also given to the families of victims and also injured ones.

September 11 Attack Anniversary and Memorial

After the attack, September 11 is declared as Patriot Day and also as National day for Service and Remembrance. The names of victims were also carved on bronze panels as a tribute. September 11 Memorial Museum also established for honoring who were killed in attack. The World Trade Centre rebuilded and opened in May 2014. The Flight 93 National Memorial in Pennsylvania also built. Every year anniversary is conducted to pay tribute to victims of attack and also measures to fight against the terrorism.

September 11 attacks taught several lessons to United States and also to other countries.

The main thing all learnt is that all countries are vulnerable to terrorism. Before this attack all were considered that religious bias is the main reason for terrorism but after this attack it became clear that all countries are vulnerable to terrorism.

The police and other vigilant agencies should be more cautious on this matter and there was a fault on the part of airport authorities who has given clearance to attackers to board the plain.

The information given by intelligence agency is an important factor. US has the most efficient Intelligence Agency and they had given information regarding the terrorist attack but government did not take the matter seriously.

Terrorism needs money and terrorist get this money from different sources and strict money laundering laws should implement in every country and through this strict laws future terrorism can be prevented.

Political instability is a  major ground and there is more possibility of occurring terrorism. The political instability of source country and also target country also is a ground for terrorism.

Before the September attack the United States faced political instability and this is the main reason for attack and also government machinery failed and this lead to the success of terrorism. Thus political stability is an important element.

All countries should fight against terrorism and should destroy this illegal act.

Major Terrorist Attacks in India

The major terrorist attack occurred in India was the Mumbai terrorist attack and in which they attacked on Nariman house, Hotel taj and about 170 people lost their lives and several injuries also occurred.

The next deadly attack is the Mumbai Train Blast. Terrorist attack on Indian parliament is theanother major attack occurred in India. The impact of terrorism is terrific. There will be a huge impact on people and also to economy.

Mumbai terrorist attack is the major attack in India and it occurred on November 26-29 in 2008. Facts of the attack is that ten terrorist attackers from the group Laksher – e-tayyiba conducted the attack. They came from Pakistan to Mumbai through boat. Mohammed Ajmal kasab was the main attacker. First they attacked the Chatrapati Shivaji railway station and several people lost their life and their target was Cafe Leopold and Albless Hospital and after that they attacked Nariman house and attack continued for three days. On 29th they attacked Taj hotel in Mumbai.

Kasab is charged for offence and Court convicted kasab for murder, conspiracy and waging war against India and Supreme Court sentenced death by hanging to in the year 2010 and in 2012 executed the sentence.

The next terrific attack is the Mumbai train blast and it occurred on 2006 which killed several people and severe casualties were also occurred. Seven bomb blasted in the train. The attackers were mainly from Pakistan but they denied that. The bombs more targeted on first class compartment. In this case Court sentenced death sentence to five convicts and other seven convicts for imprisonment of life. Here prosecutor was of the opinion that the mastermind behind this blast is Pakistan’s intelligence agency and it was carried out by Lashkar-e-taiba, a Islamic group in Pakistan but Pakistan denied this and also of  defended that India did not have evidence for their claim.


The attack on World Trade Centre and Pentagon building is the biggest terrorist attack occurred in World and it created a huge impact on Americans. Almost three thousand people were killed and also destroyed their giant Twin tower ie, World Trade Centre and leads to negative impact on their economy. The attack was a suicidal and it was conducted by Islamic group al-Queda and they hyjacked four planes of America and crashed it into World Trade Centre and Pentagon building.

This was the largest terrorist attack on American history and after the attack America has taken several measures to fight against terrorism and declared a war against terrorism. They made defence system more strong and in memory of incident they established a Memorial for honoring the victims of the attack. After the occurance of this attack United States and world learnt several lessons.The security agencies play a great role preventing terrorism. Global security agencies should be more cautious on this matters and by that we can fight against terrorism.

Terrorism is a illegal act which leads to loss of several innocent persons and it create a feeling of insecurity and fear among people and also the impact on economy is huge. All countries should fight against terrorism and all should take several measures for preventing terrorism from this World.

United States declared war against terrorism after the September 11 attack . All countries are fighting against terrorism. Education is an important element for preventing terrorism. Uneducated is a key element for terrorism. Thinking of freedom, peace and equality of all will definitely wash away terrorism and establishment of monitoring and surveillance system for identifying terrorists attack is an essential one and these leads to the prevention of terrorism. Poverty is a major reason for terrorism and removal of poverty is essential for eradicating terrorism. The need of strong internal law is also an important solution for eliminating terrorism. United Nation is established for maintaining peace and security of every nation so United Nations should have more strong jurisdiction and international behavior of every nation should improve for eliminating terrorism.

Concluding with the great quote of Mahatma Gandhi that an eye for an eye only make the world blind. The attack on World Trade Centre and Pentagon building was a revenge attack against United States for supporting Israel and also involvement of their militants in other Middle Eastern countries. It was a counter attack by terrorists but it leads to loss of several innocent persons and also created fear and injured many people and impact on American economy is huge. September 11 changed America drastically. Terrorism only leads to loss and every country should fight against it and all should raise a war against terrorism. The motto of every nation should be fight against terrorism and fight should not stop until terrorism is eliminated from world.






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