Call For Paper

Legal Vidhi now calls upon all avid writers to submit write ups for our first ever Journal publication.

The Legal Vidhi Journal is an accredited, peer reviewed online law journal published by Legal Vidhi, an online platform that gives both amateur students and professional legal practitioners a dais to voice their opinions on political, social and legal issues from a factual and logical perspective.

Our main goal is to cover all legal and social issues whether national or global with the help of our aspiring writers and give their work a chance to be recognised by legal students and practitioners across the country .

Starting in a few weeks we will now be publishing monthly journals covering various legal issues , analysed with an interdisciplinary approach.

We now proudly call for papers for: Volume 1, Issue 1 .

The submission should deal with a relevant or topical issue concerning any contemporary socio-legal developments and discussions and must provide the author’s take on the issue, explaining the legal background succinctly and clearly.


Research Papers*

The paper should be a comprehensive review of the relevant contemporary legal issue(s)/question(s) that needs to be analysed and presented. The paper must be clear and lucid on the topic that is dealt upon presented. The authors’ stand on the issue(s) should be expressed without any ambiguity. The word limit for the submission is 4000 – 6000 words (Abstract max. 350 words) , exclusive of footnotes and abstract.

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