Animal Abuse


Everyday , countless number if cats , dogs and other animals suffer and die at the hands of the human who are supposedly to care and protect them. Physical Violence,  Emotional Abuse and life threatening neglect are daily realities for numerous number of animals. Recently in Palakkad, the killing of pregnant wild elephant was reported. The pregnant elephant chewed an explosive stuffed pineapple which was offered by the villagers . After this incident a countrywide rage broke out . This is a clear instance of humans losing all their humanity. 

Animal abuse is real and very pervasive. It happens to different types of animal  around all the corners of the world. We live in a world that not only turns a blind eye to animal cruelty and abuse but also condones it. A sentient animal who is capable of love and social relationships, experiences  pain , fear and cruelty by human hands.

We humans have already stolen so much of their wild life space for our opulence lives. And the last thing we humans did, was add more suffering to it.

By- Sonakshi 


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