By Shreeya Pathak from Lloyd Law College, Greater Noida


In India, Marijuana in the west, is usually and commonly known as Charas, Ganja or Bhang. From the government permitted or sanctioned shops only bhang van be purchased but charas and ganja, these two are illegitimate and unlawful or illegal in our country, India. This is why Marijuana , in India has been decreased or reduced.
Marijuana plants have been used since the ancient or immemorial period for host or multitude of profits or benefits. From the ancient times, in the earliest Vedas and the Ayurvedic Samhitas, it is in the number of mention and known as a medicinal and the herb for recreation.
Enlarges experimentation or exploration and consciousness about the Marijuana which is also known as  cannabis, about the plant of cannabis, it has demonstrated or proved that the chemicals in marijuana or cannabis , known as cannabinoids, are useful and very helpful in nursing or treating the indication or symptoms of illness, chronic disease and disorders.

In India, why have they now banned this herb ( marijuana ) ?
Since in the previous or early 60’s the United States of America was crusading or barnstorming or campaigning on a ban of all types or kinds of drugs all over the world. India confronted or resisted this constraint or pressure because , by using Marijuana b, it was a type of living for the citizens of India for us.
However, in the early 80’s the hippie tradition and weakness or craving or addiction to the recreational marijuana extended or outstretched all new rise in the United States of America. The nation was struggling on how to control that scenario. The constraints nor pressure to illegal or ban all types or kinds of drugs was at rose and we at last surrendered to it. Then, the Narcotics Drug and Psychotropic Substances , the ( NDPS ) Act was introduced by Rajiv Gandhi, then the Prime Minister of our country, India. Under this Narcotics Drugs and Psychotropic Substances, the NDPS Act, the charas and ganja both were banned and illegal and if somebody or anyone found with them could be upheld with the punishment of 20 years imprisonment, under this. Only the bhang, was not banned and made legal and could be bought or purchased form the authorized shops of the Government of India.

We only look at legalizing or approving marijuana as a win- win scenario or situation for all, as an industry who used marijuana for cultivation or production of skin care or beauty products.
Firstly, approving or authorizing or legalizing marijuana creates its manufacturing open or precise. It will stop the unauthorized sale and purchase or trade of herbs and kill the illegal black market.
Secondly, for the agricultural farmers it gives many extra categories of a crop. It is a known issue or reality or fact that when the cultivation or production of any substance increases so does the related or allied business increase, so do the job opportunities improve and increase, because business needs the power of man.
Seeing the development or growth of the industry or marijuana closely, we have faith that it is on the increase of growth all over the world.
Our country, India is actually rising because as a nation we have a high knowledge about its consumption and favorable environmental climatic scenarios for its cultivation or production. Authorizing marijuana would mean that we as our country, India, can be a key gamer in this development and carve a place for the people of India as a captain or leader of marijuana based products.

Medicinal Profits-
As per an examination by Harvard , the plant of marijuana or cannabis is said to carry out and handle a lot of values in the medicinal in the historical or ancient days or period, marijuana was one the antidote for a person.

Marijuana helps the cancer patients to cure cancer from spreading further, marijuana helps to reduce the pressure and anxiety on the mind or health, it also improves the metabolism of our body, it helps to reduce or counter insomnia, it also helps in giving relief to the joint pains and also helps the person with ab eye ailments. Marijuana is also used for treating numerous disorders and it is also used as a pain reliever. Visibly, does more benefits and gives more profits to the body of a person than creates danger or  harm to the body. Thus, there is no step in creating or making divesting or relieving citizens of such an antidote or remedy.

Scattered craving for marijuana-
Only the 9 percent of people in the country who consumes marijuana end up being dependent clinically or medically on it.
The visible and comparable value rates for the consumption of Tobacco that stood at 32 per cent , for the consumption of an alcohol  that stood at 15 per cent and for the consumption of cocaine that stood at 16 per cent estimate. (this Report is from the  National Centre For Biotechnology) .
Alcohol is much more harmful than the marijuana , it is meant because, the marijuana or cannabis does not make any person violent or uncontrollable, it has been a proven fact that alcohol makes any person violent and uncontrollable and much more dangerous or harmful for any person than the marijuana or cannabis.
Source of employment-
For some citizens in our country , India, there will be a number of job opportunities that can be made by the industry of marijuana and that industry of marijuana or cannabis help to reduce the unemployment rates of our country , India.
Abolish the unauthorized access on trade-
By approving or authorizing marijuana or cannabis would remove or abolish or eliminate the black market of sale and purchase or we can say the production and distribution of illegal marijuana or cannabis in our country, India. By authorizing or approving marijuana or cannabis in our country, India, it will also abolish the offence or crimes and helps to increase the revenue for the Government of India.
A fact is that, the marijuana or cannabis should be kept far away from children or below the age of 18 years, but its medium or common or moderate consumption will not be a  harm or danger or risk to the adults.

For any movement to achieve, our country or nation requires capable captains who are up to the project or task of bringing change in our country, and Viki Vaurora is exactly the same for that.
Viki Vaurora , was the founder of the Great Legalization Movement India , the ( GLM India ), he is. Captain or leader who leads a non profitable institution which targets to approve or authorize  the consumption of marijuana or cannabis for medical purposes or requirements in our country, India and for the industrial requirements or purposes of our country, India.
The High Court of Delhi, in the summer of year 2019, approved a writ petition filed by the Great Legalization Movement India , the ( GLM INDIA ), looking for permission and allowance of marijuana under the Narcotics Drugs and Psychotropic Substances , the ( NDPS ). 

Over the last few years, a number of states and the public leaders or captains , in India, have responded or reacted in the positive manner and given their approvals when it comes to the intellectual debate in regard to legalized marijuana in our country, India.
In India, Uttarakhand became the first in the year of 2018, in the country, to permit or allow the commercial cultivation of the marijuana or cannabis or hemp crop. On a sample pilot regard or basis, the Government of India or the state government even permitted a legal license to the ( IIHA ) , to the Indian Industrial Hemp Association, over 1,000 hectares, to grow the fibre.
The Government of Madhya Pradesh, the same year, also follows the rules and regulations by following the suit. For the medicinal purposes and the industrial purposes, the Law Minister of Madhya Pradesh, P.C Sharma announced or reported to the media that the Government of the state has decided to legalize the growing and the cultivation of the marijuana or cannabis. However, since that report , the development on the issue has obstructed or stalled , with no further progress taking place.
From the state of Manipur, another progress or positive report or news arose , that the state has announced to have some of the highest quality of marijuana in the country. To help boost the revenue of the state, N Biren Singh, the chief minister of Manipur, in a conference with the media or press announced that the Government was considering to legalize medical marijuana seriously. He even recommended and mentioned that the start ups could be involved in the process of legalization, provided they showed to be a part of this industry with a high potential. The developing or growing state in the favour or support the only possible positive sign for the step ahead of a movement with the permission towards the properties of cannabis as the medicine, that is growing amongst the land makers or land holders of India.

As far as when there was a beginning of our history, marijuana or cannabis had been a part of consumption of India. From the ancient times , we came to know about the Atharva Veda, that speaks of ‘ Bhang ‘ as bringing happiness or joy. There is a clear fact that the marijuana or cannabis has numerous uses for both internal or external.
Marijuana was once legal before the year of 1985, the cultivation , purchasing , growing , selling or inhaling the stuff all were legal. Just like any other agricultural farmer, that whole community used to get profits or benefits from the growing and selling. From the ancient historical period or times, the consumption of marijuana bound to trust and mysticism, in India. In the northern hilly regions of India, the plant of marijuana , is something with nature and nature. It has the confidence or the potential of becoming a crop or a cash crop or marginal poor agricultural farms. If proper  examination is done and growing of marijuana or cannabis is inspired or motivated or encouraged at a higher official level, it can eventually become a source of employment as well as for the income for the poor people with small land holdings.
Our country, India, should individually or ideally value and focus on the medicinal consumption or use of marijuana . It is also known to help persons or people with eye ailments, cancer treatment and the pain of joints. Recently, in China, they are also doing a lot of experiments and examinations or research to cure cancer with the help of marijuana or cannabis. However, marijuana or cannabis does not use for a cure of cancer but by the examination and experiments it reportedly stops the cancer from spreading all over.



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