Religious Reservation


Religion an ordinary eight letter word holding the power to divide a population of more than one million of our nations ever growing population . This deep rooted divide originated in the prehistoric era and has stood the test of time and even today in the twenty first century Indian laws and our very own constitution allows and encourages  this discrimination to exist on on various forefronts in the form of Religious reservations. Now I’m sure many will argue with me on the fact that our constitution gives us the right practice and propagate our religion and hence endorsing reservations on the same basis is correct , but as a student I’d like to raise the voice of those thousand other general category, majority holder pupils who each year are denied a seat in some of the most prestigious colleges in the country like St. Xavier, St. Stephens, Jamia Islamia and many more colleges on the mere fact that they don’t belong to a particular religion and thus this ends up in a talented and worth student having to give up his seat to someone of a lower caliber only because of the communal divide which we have created . With due respect to every community of various gods , I ask you to ponder over the thought whether god favours the worthy or discriminates in judgement just like we’ve been doing for ages.

By- Rishab dogra


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