Reservation In Various States


India, a land that personifies the very essence of diversity, from religion to culture, food to celebrations, ours is a mixed bag of everything bright and beautiful. The main component that allows us to have this diversity is our geographical heterogeneity, which on one hand gave birth to different cuisines and languages but its very grassroots let to the problem of regionalism which threatens our unity .Regionalism is a strong sense of belongingness to a particular region as it differentiates from the standard ways of the land in one or various ways, this very concept brought to life the term of state based reservation, a reservation in both academic and public service fronts which most of you agree seems to be a disregard to the very idea of a unified India. At present Maharashtra , Tamil Nadu and Telangana are the strongest supporters of this reservation system but as a new age citizen of India , i hope that soon such difference are removed because in truth such differences are just being played as cards for regional vote bank politics by our very own leaders.

By  shivam thakur


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