The Indian Government’s Ban on Chinese Apps & Its Impact


By Prabhjot Singh


“Without peace, all other dreams vanish and are reduced to ashes”- Jawaharlal Nehru

The LAC of Galwan Ghati witnessed the conflict of the two most populous countries that is China and India. The disturbance was initiated by the Chinese Army after entering the Indian camps and violating the rules of LAC terribly and not only this but they also outraged the campus and killed 20 Indian soldiers. The populous land of Bharat led honourable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has always been known for its brave and bold decisions regarding any circumstances that the country encounters. During the times of COVID-19 and since the ancient era people living in India have always been known for their kindness, generosity and helpful nature. Contradict to this Chinese army and their government have time and again led down the Indian hopes for friendly relations and peace along brotherhood and love. This incident is not the first time that China have breached the norms towards peace and healthy diplomatic relations. History tells us that this unfavourable nature of China towards disturbing world peace has become its habit. Considering the sovereignty of the nation, under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, India has taken a brave and remarking decision in which the government has banned 59 Chinese mobile apps and raised a slogan ‘Go local for Vocal”. The adaptation of the slogan symbolizes that India has ignited a tremendous movement against China and the first step is been taken that is banning and restricting all the imported goods from China.

Indo-Chinese War 1962

The tensions between the two countries are not new. It had happened a long way before in 1962 as well where Chinese military took various aggressive steps after India rejected proposed Chinese diplomatic settlements throughout 1960-1962 with China re-commencing previously banned “forward patrols” in Ladakh from 30th April 1962.

Much of the fighting took place in harsh mountain conditions entailing large scale combat at high altitudes of over 4000 meters (14000) feet. The Sino-Indian war was also notable for the lack of deployment of naval and aerial assets by either China or India.

This was the first war between the two countries but undoubtedly not the last as after this war various cases were seen where the Chinese troops attacked the Indian Army on the border. Following the end of the war in 1962 both sides kept forward armed positions and several small clashes broke out, but no large scale fighting ensued.

Corona Virus-2019

The coronavirus which has emerged from Wuhan City in China has also been constituted as one of the reasons for the clashes between the two countries. The Corona Virus has not only affected India but it has also affected countries like Brazil, USA and Italy where the virus has been widening its wings since from the start. The virus has not affected people economically but also it has given birth to fear in the human mind because of the devastating nature of the virus. It has also affected the trade and marketing policies of the countries and movement of goods from one country to another. Places of religious gathering such as temples, mosques, and churches were regarded as clusters for coronavirus transmission in India, India has been witnessing a surge in confirmed coronavirus cases after people who attended Tablighi Jamaat religious congregation at Nizamuddin Markaz in DELHI started testing positive for the virus[1].

Advantages of Banning Chinese Products

1. The main advantage that can be seen is that now India would be the manufacturing head of many departments and it will give employment too for the people who have been searching for jobs so far.

2. The main issue with the Chinese apps was privacy and now with the banning of 59 Chinese mobile apps, the Privacy of people would be deeply secured and enhanced.

3. The Chinese goods that were previously imported will not be imported now hence, it can be seen as a huge advantage to India as large tariff taxes were being imposed by China in the urge of earning profits.

4. One more big advantage that can be turned out to be in opportunity by making profits in the lockdown is that India will now export more and import less.

Disadvantages of Banning Chinese Products

1. The main disadvantage that has been seen is that the people who were involved in MSME’s facilitating business in Chinese products would be now affected because the new era has been started with a slogan “Go local for vocal”. Their business would be largely affected as they mainly deal with Chinese Products.

2. The second disadvantage that India can face is the apps which have centres in India such as Tik Tok, Cam scanner etc would be destroyed as the number of their viewers would be deeply affected.

3. More often than not the poorest consumers are the worst hit in a trade ban of this kind because they are the most price-sensitive. For instance, if Chinese AC,’s were replaced by either costlier Japanese AC,’s or less efficient ones, richer Indians may still survive this ban by buying costlier option but several poor, who could have otherwise afforded an AC would either have to forgo buying one because it is now too costly this way it would affect both consumer and seller in different ways.

4. One more huge disadvantage is that India will lose policy credibility. It has also been suggested that India should renege on existing contracts with China. Again while in the short term this may assuage hurt sentiments, it would be hugely detrimental for a country such as India which has been trying to attract huge investment[2].


“Go local for Vocal” will work for India but banning all the Chinese Apps and restricting trade policies with China doesn’t seem to fit India’s position in the long run as the disadvantages of banning Chinese apps is more than the advantages of banning them. For being a manufacturing country India will have to take more initiative and scrutinizing steps in the long run. For the current period, the decision of banning Chinese products and apps cannot be regarded as a good decision and in a long run, we don’t know what future has in its pocket for the tensions which have been heating since the LAC disputes have arisen between the two countries. We need to wait and see whether these tensions will be calm down or it will get more worst as ongoing scenarios.  


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