Female Infanticide


Female infenticide is the deliberative killing of unborn female child. It is closely linked with sex selective abortion. Female infenticide is the major concern of several nations like India , pakistan .. poverty , dowry systems , illiteracy, religious beliefs , maternal illness are some of the causes of female infenticide. In 2000 , cases increased by 19.5% over previous year. Everyday 2000 unborn girls are illegally aborted  in india. many laws has been initiated by our government to end this social evil . British colonial authorities pass the female infenticide prevention act, 1870 . 

WHY DON’T SUCH PEOPLE  WHO PRACTICES THIS EVIL UNDERSTOOD THAT ” BRINGING UP A DAUGHTER IS LIKE WATERING A PLANT IN ANOTHER COURTYARD”.. U.N recently declared that India is the most dengerous place for the girls, untill the age of 5 years .   morality rate is 75% higher in girls than the boys. For 100 newborn girls, About 112 boys are born , our nature usually dictates a ratio of 105 boys to 100 girls. Women’s are facing pressure from their family, society to give 

Birth to make child instead of a girl child. Sometimes women’s need to face touture when they refused for the practice of sex selection or infenticide. This sex selection not only imbalance our society but also increased the risk of rape , abduction, trafficking of girls and women for sexual exploration or marriage. Our indian legislation punishes the infenticide and sex selection. We need to educate people and make them aware also awareness raising of girls and women’s  contributes to the changing behaviour of the society.

 We should stand united to make people realize that ” be your daughter friends not the foe” . They are the angles , not the devils, don’t let them go.

By -shafiya ghani 


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